10 Benefits of Referring NCERT Books While Preparing For Competitive Exams

September 14, 2019
Exam Advice

When your competitive examinations are hovering above your head, wasting time to research and decide on which books to read primarily and which books to treat as reference can be hectic, create a mayhem and most importantly can make or break your shot to secure a rank. Since competitive examinations are mainly governed by objective type of questions, understanding every detail you read has become the utmost priority for the aspiring students. And in such a situation where completing an OMR sheet will decide your future, your choice of books can be a very important factor and in expert opinion, one can easily say that NCERT books will be a friend in disguise for every student preparing minutely for the upcoming examinations. NCERT books prove to be the all in one guide for aspiring students and we will let you know why.

Here’s list of 8 reasons why you should be referring to NCERT books first while preparing for competitive examinations.

  • Since all the leading competitive examinations in India have a syllabus similar to that of the eleventh and twelfth standard syllabus of CBSE board, the NCERT books are especially designed keeping the CBSE curriculum in mind so that the student reception all over India is uniform. Even the CBSE board recommends students using the NCERT books are the primary text books. NCERT books strictly follow the CBSE syllabus and covers all the topics prescribed by the board in order to make it easier for students of CBSE and other boards as well to study from one text book only, rather than reading hundreds of text books in the market, and still missing out on a topic for the examination. 
  • Language makes learning easier and better. Studies show that students learning lucid language can learn faster and retain the information for a longer time when compared to a student learning difficult language and trying to memorize it. One of the main reasons why students who have successfully cleared competitive examinations recommend reading NCERT books is because of its lucid and flowy language that makes the learning a hundred times more approachable and easier to grasp and understand. NCERT books strictly stick to keeping the language of the books very simple and readable so that it can be taught as well as learnt well. 
  • For a student’s perspective, a subject is learnt well when the basics of the subject are explained well. Just like the strength of a tree is determined by the area of the base of its roots, a student’s performance of a subject largely depends on how well he or she knows the basics that enables the subject to grow to it’s full potential. Keeping the students’ perspective in mind, the NCERT books are especially designed to explain the basics of a subject to the students to it’s utmost potential, even without the help of any extra guidance or tutors, because if the basics are clear, the students will automatically clear the exams too with flying colours.
  • A book without genuine information is a futile attempt in making a future for the one reading that book. A book with inadequate, vague information and biased opinions will only create conflict in the minds of the students, making them half learn a subject and under confident in the process. NCERT books are loved and recommended by competitive examination toppers for it’s authentic and apt information contained in the book. These information provided to the students in the NCERT books are precise, accurate, latest and comprehensive. 
  • Coupled with strong basics and genuine information, in depth knowledge of a subject becomes inevitable and empowering. This is exactly why students choose NCERT books over any other book in the Indian market. Just like a building becomes high rise standing on it’s concrete base, in depth knowledge of a subject helps a student to build the foundation of their learning over a subject and expand their horizon in solving various types of questions, even if they are slightly the tricky ones. 
  • Now that you have learnt the basics of a subject too well and have in depth knowledge about it, the next hurdle that the students stumble upon is figuring out the question pattern of the competitive examinations. At the end of each chapter in the NCERT books, a list of questions are provided to the students for practice and self assessment. The NCERT books are prepared with types of questions that are highly anticipated for the various competitive examinations. The questions are grouped into the difficulty levels of easy, intermediate and hard for the better understanding and preparation of students. On several occasions, it was seen that direct questions from the NCERT books were extracted and given in the competitive examinations. 
  • In the world of competition, even your competitive examinations will try to test the students' thorough learning for better judgement of their calibre. Thus, instead of assessing how much information one can mug up, several question papers contain tricky questions where instead of giving theoritical questions, one has to solve diagrammatic representations. NCERT books specialize in this section since it is provided with ample diagrams for visual memorizing as well along with verbal learning. 
  • Nothing is learnt well till it’s visualized well or has been practically put to use. Along with recent and updated data and diagrams, the NCERT books contain several examples for students for their better understanding through imagination or implication. Examples are of utmost importance when preparing for competitive examinations because even after memorizing, the concept is well embedded and retained in our mind when it is imagined with an example. 

Thus, for these enlisted reasons, 99 percent of toppers recommend learning from NCERT books while preparing for competitive examinations because the content of the book is precise, comprehensive, lucid and not over exaggerated or dramatic. It does not contain biased opinions or political as well as apolitical judgements nor shows support towards any controversial topics of India, rather it invites free discussion among teachers and students. 


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