10 Useful Tips for 2019 CBSE Board Exam Preparation

July 9, 2019
Exam Advice

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) conducts its board exams for classes X and XII from the month of February onwards. Exam anxiety is very real and much expected. Here is a list of pointers that can help you tackle the exams with panache.


That’s quite obvious, right? But surprisingly, people tend to miss out on the importance of NCERT. Remember that you might find a million practice problems in guides and private publications that people hold in high pedestals. But, the bible for CBSE examinations is always going to be your NCERT text. So, read the theory part from the NCERT books and be very thorough in NCERT problems.

Come up with a cheat sheet

Whenever you come across an important formula, study the theory behind it and derive it. Very importantly, write it all down on a sheet of paper and place it in your room where it is very visible. You will find it useful to just go to this sheet and brush through the formulae whenever you need them.

Study weightage of topics in previous papers

Every topic has its own weight in the exams. The one with the most weightage obviously deserves the most study time. Use that chart to figure out your practice hours.

Study guides only after you are thorough with NCERT

Every subject of the CBSE has its most valuable guide as well. These have been time tested through generations of exam takers. So, once you are done with your NCERT syllabus, get guides and start preparing from these guides as well.

Practice with whole papers

Once you are done with your syllabus, prepare with sample papers, mock papers, and previous year papers. And when you appear for these mock tests, do them in exam conditions. These sessions will help you with time management.

Read the question paper cautiously

Quite often, a very simple question might have a very twisted structure. So, read the question very carefully. That might be the difference between a good attempt and a bad attempt!

Attempt questions you are very sure about

Go for the questions you are very sure about. Save the uncertain topics for later. You will score in decent time and figure out the rest later.

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Step by step

When you solve problems, have a neat record of steps for your reference and for your examiner’s reference.

Write legibly

This again must be obvious. If you have bad handwriting, it’s ok. Just make sure your writing is legible, neat and large enough to read.


Whatever you write, remember that you cannot submit the paper without proper revision. Analyze everything you have written and ensured that you have written all of it properly. Check, check, check before you submit.

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