7 NEET Books Every Aspirant Must Have

June 3, 2019

Here's our list of the most widely recommended books to use while preparing for NEET.

Top Physics Books For NEET 2020

As is the case with preparation for JEE, NEET also requires a thorough understanding of your basics so that you can solve these problems quickly.

Fundamentals of Physics by Resnick & Halliday

A bible for all JEE aspirants, this book is also very useful for NEET aspirants to use for preparation as the level of difficulty will be very similar for both these entrance exams.

Concept of Physics by H. C. Verma

H. C. Verma's book contains a lot of theory explained with elaborate examples, which help students to learn from scratch. This is the best book of Physics and highly recommended by teachers across all over India for both engineering & medical aspirants.

Top Chemistry Books For NEET 2020

Numerical Chemistry by Dr. P. Bahadur

This book contains a lot of solved examples through which you can easily understand the concept behind the problem. They also have a plethora of exercise questions for all your practice needs.

Organic Chemistry by Morrison & Boyd

Considered to be an extremely important book, it will help any student learn & understand organic chemistry inside out! For those who enjoy learning instead of just remembering concepts, Morrison & Boyd's book proves to be the ideal book.

Top Biology Books For NEET 2020

Trueman's Objective Biology for NEET

A comprehensive explanation of concepts, loads of MCQs to practise from and question papers provided makes this book the only one you will need for preparing for Biology. It is recommended by many students preparing for AIPMT over the years and will continue to be a favourite for NEET aspirants as well.

Reference Books For NEET 2020

When you start your NEET preparation early, you will have time to read reference books that will sharpen your understanding of concepts. These are some additional books you should have if you believe in going that extra mile.

Complete NEET Guide: Physics, Chemistry & Biology

This book has a chapter-wise description and the questions at the end of each of the chapter for all the topics that are in the NEET syllabus. A bonus to this is that they also provide question papers for NEET Phase-I & Phase-II that will help anyone preparing for NEET 2017.

29 Years Chapter-wise Solutions for CBSE AIPMT & NEET by Arihant Experts

These books contain the last 29 years’ (1988-2016) Chapter-wise solutions of Physics, Chemistry & Biology questions asked in CBSE, AIPMT, and NEET. The book covers all the topics that are a part of NEET syllabus and ll the previous years’ objective questions have been covered chapter wise along with their answers and solutions.

Found it useful? Share this list of NEET books with your friends, and comment on the ones you think need to be on this list.

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