Clear JEE Without Coaching [Updated]

December 10, 2018

These tips were contributed by K.Jaswanth, a HashLearn Tutor who is currently studying Computer Science and Technology at IIIT Kottayam.

Let us first look at creating a strategy to tackle JEE subject-wise.


First complete topics like:

  • Coordinate geometry
  • Conic sections
  • Trigonometry
  • Matrices and determinants
  • Differentiation and limits &
  • Integration and vector algebra

It is vital that you complete these topics first since they hold more weightage in Maths JEE Mains. For each topic, complete all the problems in the NCERT textbook, and then practice the reference books.

Remember to make a note of all the formulas so that you can use it while you revise. We suggest Cengage books as a reference since they contain many sums to practice. Don’t forget that only by practice can get you a good score in maths.


Concerning physics, all the topics are important, and they carry approximately the same weightage. But, if you don’t have enough time then focus on the following.

  • Gravitation & Electrostatics
  • Current Electricity & Heat Transfer
  • Waves & Sound
  • Geometrical Optics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Kinetic Theory of Gases
  • Rotational Dynamics &
  • Electromagnetic Induction

“Concepts of Physics, Vol-I, and II by H.C.Verma” is the best book for learning Physics. If you complete the two volumes of this book, then you are sure to score well in your JEE.  Remember when you start a topic, read all the concepts under that chapter from this book and then solve each problem given at the end of the chapter.

If you want more practice, you can go through ‘Problems in General Physics’ by I.E. Irodov, but for JEE Mains – H.C Verma should be enough.


For chemistry, most of the questions in the exam can be answered if you study the NCERT textbooks alone. First, start with physical chemistry, then inorganic and then organic chemistry. For chemistry always prepare notes, for instance, if you are studying physical chemistry –take a note of all formulas, in case of inorganic chemistry, every point in NCERT textbook is important. Similarly, in the case of organic chemistry – every line and every reaction is important.

For reference-read ‘Numerical Chemistry by P. Bahadur’, ‘Inorganic Chemistry’ by J.D. Lee’, ’Organic Chemistry’ by Morrison & Boyd’. Always start reference books only after you read the NCERT textbook thoroughly.

Now that you have understood the detailed syllabus and studied reference books, you should plan your timetable according to the time available. For instance, some start their preparation before three months, six months, one year or even two years.

So, prepare your timetable as per the time available.

Here are a few tips to help you remember while preparing your timetable

a. Equal Time – Allot same time for all the subjects.  Never give importance to only two subjects as sometimes the paper may be difficult in those two subjects, then just that particular subject which you left behind can help you.

b. NCERT Books – Never neglect NCERT textbooks. Go to any other materials only after completing your NCERT textbook.

c. Short notes – Short notes is a necessary thing to go through before a few days of exam. What should it contain?

Here is a list of precautions while preparing short notes

a. Every student preparing for an exam should write short notes. Short notes for mathematics include the formulas and theorems

b.In case of chemistry-chemical reactions and equations, a quick glance at these notes on the day of examination or when the exam is nearby will be beneficial

c. Attending a few test examinations for practice will also improve the content in your short notes. After completing a practice test, you will become aware of the topics in which you are not confident. But remember to attend the practice only after you finish the whole syllabus


So how does one crack JEE without coaching?

Coaching centres have become a hugely successful business in India today. But, is it absolutely necessary for a student to successfully crack the IIT JEE? After all, it is the student himself or herself who preps for the course, with or without the coaching centre.

That’s a question to mull over, indeed.

The basic idea is to stay focussed with time management and discipline because you are looking to take on the best minds in the country and they are armed with some rigorous coaching by their side. It is not as intimidating as it sounds, IFF you figure out how to focus on your prep. There are individuals who have studied all by themselves and have cracked the IIT JEE.

So, how does that pan out?

Sign up for a very good test series, first and foremost. That is mandatory!


Cracking the JEE without coaching requires hell a lot of motivation since understanding everything on your own is not easy. There is no dedicated person to clarify concepts and doubts. BUT, that does not mean it is impossible. You can find the best book, the best tutor and the best resources and practice material online. It can get frustrating but if you are motivated enough, you can learn concepts better than your mates in coaching centres. Just put your heart and soul into it!

Do you have a doubt? Find the right person to help you with it. At Hashlearn, you have the option of getting in touch with the best minds of the country to clarify your doubts. Have any doubts about the abilities of these brains? Fear not! It’s a network of current IITians who have cracked the JEE with flying colors! Who better to help you out?


Download the HashLearn app on the iTunes App Store

With the internet, your resources are unlimited. You can watch videos to understand topics. You can figure out shortcuts to work on problems. There are books online, topic wise material, question banks, video lectures, problem solving videos etc. You name it and it’s available! But, always remember to stick to quality publications in order to save your time. Learn from the best!



Discipline is everything. Nothing will help you better than an Excel sheet here. Realise the full potential of a humble Excel worksheet to analyse things like the weightage of JEE topics over the years and study patterns, if there are any. It can help in time allocation per topic. Calculate how much of a certain topic you need to complete in a day. You need not waste time on topics that have become irrelevant over the years. Include topic wise test analysis in a worksheet where you categorize all your mistakes (actual step wrong, questions not read, solutions not visualized, wrong information copied).

Understanding all topics on your own is tough but once you understand it on your own it stays ingrained in your memory. Studying on your own has several advantages. You will be in constant cognizance of the idea that the others might be ahead of you, with their coaching class advantage and that you need to buckle up. That is a great motivator.

Periodic Evaluation

A test series, chapter wise and cumulative, would help you evaluate where you are. You can use the scores and your performance to figure out where you stand, where you need more emphasis and help. Absolute scores aren’t of much use. Look at where you stand as relative grading is all that matters, end of the day. An 80/100 might look good to you. Until you find that the mean score among your peers is 96!


In your time table, ensure that you have enough time to relax. Do something other than study. Have a good routine that allows study time, play time and healthy socialisation. You can track time spent on social media. A complete ban on social media usage might make you feel miserable. So, make time for that as well. And stick to that time alone!

Remember that those who enrol for coaching institutes spend time commuting to these places. They sit in classes when they might not be in their best receptive selves. But you have an advantage. If you aren’t giving your best, zone out for ten minutes and come back to your books. If you are finding it tough to understand what a lecturer says, you can always pause the video, revisit the tough and confusing parts and learn at your own pace, at the comforts of you own home. Moreover, you will also have a normal school routine where you learn your board syllabus.

Interaction with IITians

Always, always, always stay in touch with students who have cleared JEE so that you can get better guidance. They know best as they have gone to the other side of the river successfully.

Study smart

Allot a significant time frame per day for JEE preparation. You might have a favorite subject. Overcome such biases. Allot more time for prep during weekends. And most importantly, stay regular. It is very probable that your peer network asks you to join them in their social gatherings. If there is an overlap with your schedule, say no to them and stick to your schedule. Prioritize your prep over everything else. But, outside that time, live life and make the most of it. Make your notes for the topics in which you are weak. This will help you to perform well in the exam.

Previous years papers

There is a special place for previous year papers, not just in IIT JEE prep but in any exam you prepare for. In every topic, solve the related questions that have already been asked in JEE. Write previous papers in exam conditions.

Find your wolf pack

If you have good friends who can improve you academically, stick to them. Have a symbiotic relationship. Pick your group study partners very carefully. Healthy competition can be a wonderful advantage. But, if you are unable to find such a group, it’s best to stay away from the distraction that can pull you down. If your study meetings begin to turn into futile gossip, pull the plug.

Stay healthy

Your preparation period is a very trying part of your life. You cannot afford to derail your progress with bad health. So, take care of your health, your diet just as much as you take care of your academics. Health is not just about physical health. Mental health is equally important. You will find that you are alone a lot during your prep time. you spend a lot of time with your books. So, if you find any signs of depression, address it. Your health is of utmost importance and nothing is worth ruining your health over. Sleep well enough to recharge your batteries.


Take time to live life. Go for a walk and watch the sunset. Spend quality time with friends and family. Play street cricket. Read a book. Do the crossword! Enjoy that ice cream before it melts!

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