How much is your Class 12 Board result really worth?

September 29, 2019
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The way everybody is running behind entrance tests, board exams might not look like a significant necessity to be prepared for. There are quite a few who solely focus on boards, but that's not the first thing that pops up in our minds when we hear "Class 12." 

In other words, every student faces a dilemma in the very beginning of their higher secondary education– how much does the score on Board exam matter?

This question takes forms like:

  • Will my board marks help me in securing the right college?
  • Will this score matter while I am looking for a job too?
  • Is appearing for entrance tests a must?

Yes, undoubtedly, most students prioritize entrance tests, but board exams are of no less importance. In fact, I secured a place in my college with my board marks. Granted, preparing vigorously for entrance tests like JEE and NEET will make you a pro and will actually require you to write answers elaborately.

In this article, we address these issues, along with answering a few questions that arise in the mind of students frequently.

First, it is vital to know why board marks are essential. Here are a few instances where you would want to have a good score in the CBSE exams.

Admission to college

As mentioned earlier, the first need for an acceptable mark in Boards is found when you desire to get a seat in a prestigious college. Any course you ask for, in any reputed college, they ask for your board marks.

Government Jobs

While getting a job in the private sector might not require your excellent performance in board exams, securing a career in the government makes it a must. You must be aware of all the requirements for a government job if you are aiming for one; among those requirements, a good score in boards, of course, holds high priority.

For MNC (Multi-National Company) Jobs

While it takes a lot of skill and knowledge to get through big MNCs, the first and foremost criteria are Class 12th marks and percentage. While some are asking for at least 60 per cent, others are demanding as high as 80 percent in graduation as well as affluent academics. However, the importance of 12th marks continues to decline as you gain experience.

Now that you know all about where your board marks are necessary, it would only balance out to know where you wouldn't need your board marks. It is always an obligation to look at every side of the story and understand the two sides of a coin. Here's a list of instances where you won't be needing (at least as much as the above list,) your board marks.

Business (Family or a start-up)

If you are more passionate about business and want to take up your family business, you won't have to worry about your board marks. You will only have to train yourself and be equipped with the skills to run a business. If you want to start a business on your own, it is highly recommended that you take a business course (MBA, BComm, etc.) so that you develop the needed skills, which is unless you firmly believe you are capable of excelling without a formal course.

Sportsperson, Athlete, Actor, Artist or Model

If you find yourself saying yes, that is my dream, then stop worrying about your board results. Of course, you will have to enrol in a professional course or train vigorously, which comes with many requirements to worry about– but board marks do not have a place in that list. For pursuing one of the said career options, all you need is perseverance, practice, proper training and a positive outlook. Board marks might just be an added advantage.

Rich experience/ Outstanding Skill Set

If you have excellent skills for a particular job, class 12 marks will again be unnecessary for a reputable company. Every industry wants the best talent that can be responsible for the company's increased productivity, so it will not matter if you've ended up scoring low. As the number against your "Years of Experience" column increases, your value in the market will increase. To sum it up, the importance of Class 12 marks will decrease as your years of experience increases.

We can see and almost feel the wheels turning in your head. And we were all in your place at one point in time in our lives. So we know about all the questions popping up. Here are a few frequently asked questions, answered.

  1. What is the importance of Class 12 score?
  1. As discussed above, the importance of scores in board exams is determined by what you intend to do after the exam.
  1. Do 12th marks matter in life?
  1. Now that margins on philosophical. It all depends on how much importance you wish to place on this score. Of course, to the world, there is a criterion. It does not have to be so for you.
  1. What if I have scored lesser than 50% in my boards?
  1. Don't worry. At this moment, it might all seem overwhelming, but in a few years, it won't matter. Be positive and know that this is not the end. 


Here are a few important tips/ tidbits you might want to know. 

  1. Whichever career you choose, always give your best.
  2. Avoid procrastination. Never be lazy.
  3. Be serious in whichever work you take up.
  4. Always have the attitude of not giving up. Persevere.
  5. Never decide out of haste.

The importance of class 12 board results depends on your choice of career. Your board marks simply serve as an indication of how valuable as a person you are. Yet, it is not the only one. In the end, your skills, passion, and attitude are what matters the most. All the very best!


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