Pure Science Courses for Science Lovers

October 7, 2019
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Why Pure sciences?

Science lovers are unique. They can never settle for engineering or medicine. For such beings, advancing science’s cause and observing its secrets transpire is a higher calling than addressing technology’s problems.

Higher learning in pure sciences might prove to be a gratifying experience for you if you can connect to all this. I intend to shed some light through this article on every aspect one would need to know before continuing to pursue pure science after grade 12!

What do Pure Sciences mean?

Science has scratched only the surface of the world’s mysterious principles. The joy of discovery is a powerful driving force familiar to all successful scientists, unlike applied science students who solve specific current day problems.

In India, there are many programs for higher education in science, but they are traditionally divided into two divisions in most state / central Indian universities –courses in “physical sciences” or “natural sciences.” An age-old classification that means less now that research becomes interdisciplinary, this divides pure science courses into a syllabus-based mix of either life sciences (mainly biology and chemistry) or physical sciences (primarily physics and math).

Courses like B.Sc. Life Sciences and B.Sc. Physical Sciences are the oldest amongst the customary courses. But one ought to additionally choose to go for honors publications (BSc (Hons.)) in chemistry, physics, and streams of biology which include zoology, botany, food technology, agriculture, microbiology, biomedical sciences, etc.

Choose the Right Pure Science Course

You can choose between subjects from biology, mathematics, physics or chemistries you enjoyed learning at school. Or, the scope of the topic–perhaps you can see yourself working in a lab/classroom, an office, or an NGO or government (maybe even in a forest!) and thus use your instinct to choose what discipline you want to pursue.

Once this is decided, it becomes much easier to select a program depending on the college’s reputation and the course selected.

Pure Science Courses in India

The way the B.Sc. programs are composed varies a lot among the top universities. Colleges with the best infrastructure can be found in Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi, Pune, Chandigarh, and Bombay.

The selection criteria for admission continues to be based on the marks scored in board exams primarily, however some autonomous colleges also have an entrance exam. Sometimes it also comes with an additional interview round. As a prospective student, you must go through the curriculum of the courses. You must decide based on this, whichever department you would be most happy to join in. Every college has specific active departments. Therefore, it is a good idea to visit the colleges before admissions begin and have a talk with the students and the faculty. This will help you make an efficient decision.

Some other different choices are the courses offered by ICAR in agriculture and allied sciences. There's a constant demand for individuals from such backgrounds in respective industries, and thus, acquiring a job right after bachelor’s is much easier.

Higher Education Opportunities in Pure Sciences

A B.Sc. is typically a mixture in any stream of many subfields. Subfields like biochemistry, agriculture zoology, and neuroscience can be covered in biology, for example. It is, therefore, expected to help students recognize and continue to study with a master’s degree.

Before entering a field, it is essential to consider job opportunities and competition with an increasing number of graduates each year. Since a post graduate degree is often a basic requirement in the fields of pure science, you would like to invest in an area that interests you both and also opens doors to jobs that you will enjoy holding.

It would, therefore, be worthwhile to go for broader curricula covering more sub-fields to converge on a specific field of interest, but a more specific course, such as B.Sc. In food technology or computer science/instrumentation, you will be able to secure an entry-level job immediately after your bachelor’s degree in the respective industry.

 Some top colleges for pure science courses in India are:

  • Hindu College, Delhi
  • Xavier’s College, Mumbai
  • Mount Carmel College, Bengaluru
  • Miranda House, Delhi
  • Stephen’s College, Delhi
  • Loyola College, Chennai
  • Madras Christian College, Chennai
  • Hansraj College, Delhi
  • Christ University, Bengaluru
  • Stella Maris College, Chennai

Overseas Education Opportunities in Pure Sciences

For those college students with financial sponsorship, considering science training overseas would be a feasible alternative too. And for those with a superb CV and exact percentages and SAT scores, many scholarships are accessible (so be anxious not, you gifted young science nerd!).

Although costs at the bachelor’s stage overseas are a whole lot greater than in India, so is the fine of education. An advantage is that you do no longer have to select a movement right after class 12; however, you can take diverse guides and choose a major/minor later on in the program. A comparable implementation is discovered at IISc’s UG program and IISERs’ BS-MS program, however, with one of a kind center of attention on research.

What are the Career Opportunities After a Pure Science Degree?

There are many career opportunities after an undergraduate education in the pure sciences other than research and teaching. You can work in biochemical companies or take up other professions as well.

Many students are saddened because they haven’t scored enough in Class 12 to secure a seat in engineering or medicine. There is no such need to be sad or disappointed. If you are sure you are interested in pure sciences, there are a myriad of opportunities open for you to explore and enjoy. All the very best!

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