Top 10 Career Options for Environment Lovers

October 6, 2019
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We all have that “save the world” element in us — at least a little. Presently, there are ample problems to solve in the world, motivated by that little instinct. One such earth-size problem is our Earth itself. We are swiftly moving toward the destruction of Earth. Who are we to blame? Ourselves, of course.
If you are one of those people who have that voice inside, pushing you to save the world and all the bounties it has offered us too generously, you might want to build a career in the very same field.

We, humans, have developed an intricate and sophisticated lifestyle, despite being the worst of all living (and may I say, non-living) creatures. There’s something valuable here for every kind of interest. No matter what your skillset or educational background is. The cherry on top, most of these environment-based jobs pay quite well—some over six figures.

LEED-Accredited Design Professional

LEED expands as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. It is the standard for environmental engineering and building. LEED Professional Exams come with a certificate. A professional, like an architect or engineer, in any field, can take up the exam and become certified.

Chief Sustainability Officer

Chief Sustainability Officers is a relatively new position. As a CSO, you serve companies’ environmental efforts as corporate champions. “Companies are monitoring the impact they’re having environmentally and on society, and the appointment of the CSO reflects an underlying need for companies to not only monitor but also improve their performance,” associate professor George Serafeim of Harvard Business School tells Forbes.

Environmental Lawyer

Environmental Lawyers have the job of advising clients on air and water quality issues, waste management, sustainable development, and more. is a website that predicts the scope of this profession. It is meant to grow drastically.


For this work, many states require licensing, which includes researching the nature, history, and natural resources of the Earth. Geoscientists can work with scientists of the environment and do their jobs indoors (in offices and laboratories) and out (in the field). Usually, this job involves travel, which can bring workers in both warm and cold climates.

Environmental Engineer

Environmental Engineers provide advise to various governments and private companies on the best ways to minimize their projects’ environmental impact. They get opportunities of working on projects for recycling, public health policy or plans to reduce air and water pollution.


Water availability and performance were analysed by hydrologists, collecting data, and using it to devise resource management plans. They may be working for government agencies or private firms, and they appear to split their time between the workplace and the field— which might mean waist-deep in ponds, rivers, and streams for a hydrologist.

Environmental Scientist

Environmental scientists work with government agencies, consulting firms, or other private firms to use their natural science expertise to guide policies that protect people, animals, and the environment. Like many careers in research, this one allows staff to split their time between the workplace and the field.

Urban Farmer

Love to grow your own food, but can’t think of leaving behind city life (or at least city life)? Combine your interests with this green work vision. In vacant lots, backyards, even rooftops, urban farmers use (or create) green space. It is difficult to get statistics on urban farmers, but anecdotal evidence suggests that this occupation is becoming more popular. Many developments in condos have even employed their own on-staff urban farmer as a lure for potential buyers in recent years.

Urban Planner

For 2014, by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, two-thirds of Urban and Provincial Planners worked for local government. Usually, urban planners design strategies for land use to help build and enhance neighbourhoods. In cities and towns with high population growth, this role has a quite good scope.

Conservation Scientist

Conservation scientists gather and analyze data to assist in managing parks and forests and protecting the environment. We partner with governments and farmers to improve land use without impacting soil and water negatively.

There are other jobs, as well.

You don’t necessarily need to choose one of the above careers if you love the environment. You can put in your effort in any career you pursue. Here are a few examples of how.


Be aware of the eco-friendly raw materials and construction elements coming up in the market these days. Encourage solar energy in your clients’ houses. Provide designs which are filled in greenery, if your customer requests for it.


Regardless of the subject or course you teach, create awareness in your students. You have been given the power of speech, and an audience that listens, dedicate a fraction of it to help the Earth. Encourage sustainable development on a small scale among the institution. Adopt small projects to demonstrate the impact of small changes, like planting a tree or separating the waste into recyclable and non-recyclable. Educate them not to waste resources like water and electricity. Teach them to understand that they are accountable for every little unit of resource they use.


It does not matter which specialisation of engineering you have chosen. There’s always a way to cause an impact if you are an engineer. There’s still a way. If you are a civil engineer, choose eco-friendly raw materials over conventional raw materials. If you decided on computer science, creating awareness among people might just be your game. You are well equipped for that very purpose. If you are a chemical or electrical or any engineer, there is scope (enormous scope, actually) for research related to environmental issues.

No matter how high you reach in life, you must be grounded. Well-grounded enough to not forget that our Earth is in the path of destruction. Any means by which you can help is significant. Making a career out of love for the environment or tweaking your career towards a greener shade, your contribution is substantial. All the very best!


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